Consistent execution of a two-brand strategy

The Group operates with two brands – BOSS and HUGO – to approach customers in a clear and consistent manner. Both brands offer their customers an extensive selection of modern tailoring, elegant evening wear, casualwear, shoes and accessories in both the menswear and in the womenswear segments. Although the two brands differentiate from each other in terms of their individual attributes and address different customer groups, they both embody the same exacting values in terms of quality, fit and innovation. Sustainability is also playing a decisive part in regards to compliance with ambitious social and environmental standards as well as sustainably manufactured products for both brands. Sustainability

Two strong brands (graphic)

BOSS brand strategy

With its BOSS brand, the Company is reaching out to a status-oriented, rationally-minded customer who wants to dress in a classic yet modern and high-quality style. BOSS is targeting customers who have the highest standards in terms of quality and fit and attach great importance to an adequate value-for-money proposition. The shopping experience should also meet the highest standards, particularly with regard to personal service. BOSS offers customers in the upper premium segment businesswear and casualwear with impressive quality, design and fit.

In response to a modern lifestyle, the greater interplay of modern tailoring with casualwear elements in the BOSS collections is becoming increasingly relevant. The Company attaches great importance to flexible suit combinations, for example via the “Mix & Match” range, and the integration of innovative materials and performance elements, such as in the case of suits in the “Stretch Tailoring” program. Through BOSS Tailored, the brand also satisfies high customer requirements in tailoring, including in the casualwear segment. The full‑canvas suits manufactured in Germany embody precise design and masterful craftsmanship. The same quality of workmanship is found at the top of the collection in the personalized “Made to Measure” range. “Made to Measure” products include suits, coats and ties, and are adapted to the customers’ individual wishes. They are tailored at the Group’s headquarters in Metzingen after an in-depth personal advise.

In 2019, the Company expanded its personalized product range with the introduction of “BOSS Made for Me”. Customers can use this service to freely combine the outer materials, lining and buttons on their new BOSS suit. Casualwear products, such as jackets and sneakers can also be individually adapted to the customer’s wishes within the scope of the offer. Already today, “BOSS Made for Me” is available in selected stores in Europe and Asia.

In order to increase brand desirability, BOSS regularly presents itself at international fashion shows. In 2019, BOSS menswear and BOSS womenswear presented their new collections together in Shanghai, New York and Milan. A 360° approach is intended to ensure the consistency of marketing campaigns, from online and social media appearances through external advertising to window displays in retail stores. The Company is looking to increasingly use social media campaigns going forward to step up interaction with consumers via digital channels. The Company also sponsors premium sports such as golf, sailing, motor sports and soccer to convey brand values such as success, precision, innovation and sustainability. In addition to cooperations, such as those with the automaker Porsche or the porcelain manufacturer Meissen in 2019, the Company aims at increasing the desirability of the BOSS brand also with the help of brand ambassadors and influencers.

HUGO brand strategy

In contrast to BOSS, the HUGO brand is targeting customers who are significantly more expressive and consider their style to be an important element in expressing their own personality. HUGO is aimed at an open-minded, individual and spontaneous customer who is increasingly purchasing online or on the go. HUGO seeks to offer this broad segment of customers, who tend to be younger, modern casualwear and businesswear collections, which are characterized by progressive designs and a clear fashion statement. In doing so, HUGO remains anchored in the premium segment of the apparel market. With its focus on contemporary fashion, however, the brand stands apart from BOSS in terms of its fashion statement. HUGO offers various opportunities for personalizing products in the area of casualwear. For example, in 2019, customers were able to personalize T-shirts and sweaters using custom, back-to-front letters both online and in selected stores.

A variety of primarily digital events and campaigns are intended to further raise HUGO’s profile and desirability. As part of its social media activities, the Company is increasingly focusing on collaborations with brand ambassadors, musicians and influencers. For example, in 2019, HUGO and British singer and artist Liam Payne presented a jointly developed capsule collection at Berlin Fashion Week. The new styles were presented digitally and were immediately available online. As a global brand ambassador for HUGO, Liam Payne will continue to accompany important marketing campaigns and exclusive collections in future. Measures such as these are intended to raise HUGO’s international recognition and credibility, as well as increase its global reach.